Hey There!

An Astrologer, Entrepreneur, Success Coach, Spiritual Teacher
& a passionate enthusiast committed to helping you become your best authentic self.
I became an Astrologer because I needed to know what makes some people successful and happy while others are not.

Being a curious person, I studied, researched, and learned a variety of subjects:  astrology, numerology, tarot, and the ancient system of cards. I wanted answers and I wanted to know more about myself. I sought out experts in the field, other astrologers, teachers, and coaches, hoping to learn their secrets.  By this time, I knew that wanted to be an Astrologer.
I eventually realized that all I needed to Remember is that:

You Have All The Answers Within You.

So, one day, when I was doubting my value, and questioning my existence and purpose, I asked the question, and I demanded an answer that day. I was tired. You see, I was having a bit of a challenge. I didn’t know it, but I was at a crossroads in life.
“Do I Make a Difference?”

After asking this important question, I turned on Channel 11, PBS Chicago. I was spellbound. There was a woman in the forest, with her cellphone in hand, perched in the tallest tree, one that reached to the sky. The TV commentator was saying that she had been in the tree for months, calling thousands of corporations, asking them to save the trees. Many of the trees had already been cut down. They were cutting the trees down to build a mall!

After months of her living in the tree making endless phone calls, they stopped cutting down the trees.


This PBS program changed my life. I got the answer to my prayer. I watched a woman, one woman, take her role in life in her own hands, and helped to save our planet, our environment, the animals, the trees, our eco-system, for our present and future generations. No one gave her permission to make calls. She saw a need and
she filled it.

I had an epiphany. I was one woman. What was I doing?

Sure, I make a difference. But what difference am I making?

After watching the program, I gave thanks for my answer coming that day. I sat down and accessed my teaching practices and took accountability for what I saw. I wrote rambling thoughts in my journal.

“It’s Not About Placing or Accepting Blame, It’s Called Problem Solving”

When I finished talking to myself in my journal, I got so excited. I took responsibility. I stayed up all night with delight at the plans I created. My fears left me for a time.

For the first time, I was stepping out to use my unique voice.
I knew that this was my purpose. This was my truth.
To see a need and fill it.


That Day, I decided I was going to make a difference in my teaching methods.

It came from an act of rebellion, an act of defiance, and it came from a 100% belief in myself.


I made up my mind to get my but—excuses—out of the way. I made up my mind to step up, step out, show up and show out! I have never turned back.


I am an Astrologer. I’ve found: The only way to predict the future?

Is to create it.

So, I stayed laser-focused on what I needed to do to reach my goals.

As a result, of taking MASSIVE ACTION, my life changed. 

Every client has a different need in this Game of Life. One month it might be a concern about love, the next time, a concern about career or family. If I understand what their needs are in the beginning, it saves our time and their money.

As a result of taking MASSIVE ACTION, these are a few of my accomplishments in a short period of time:

While working on my Masters in Mathematics at DePaul University in Chicago, I saw five former students screaming and running towards me for a hug. I asked them what they were doing there and they all screamed at once: “We’re majoring in finance!”

Who knew? They were listening. I also talked about future trends and making math practical.

I recently met a finance major who told me they were not taught how to make money for themselves. They were taught how to make money for corporations.

I teamed up with teachers at a very prestigious school in Chicago. Their teachers were some of the best. We worked with students in an Entrepreneurship program, creating and helping them build their businesses from a start-up to a finished project.

Master of Leadership and Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Illinois.
 Nominated and published in
Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers for two years in a row.

As a result of discovering that I do make a difference, I entered my students in all three categories: Science, Mathematics, and Technology. All the other students in the city had from August to April to prepare. My students had less than two weeks. This presented a challenge to be overcome. I had no time to be concerned.*

As a result, my students placed and won every category for the city and were eligible to go on to compete for the state.

That meant they took in first place, second place, and third place.

*The ACT-SO -NAACP AWARD, stands for Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics, was started by the renowned journalist, civil rights activist, and author, Vernon Jarret.

He initiated the idea of a program that would promote and record young academic achievers in all subjects the same way sport heroes are honored. “A year long achievement program designed to recruit, stimulate, and encourage high academic and cultural achievement among African-American high school students. This program is rigorous. It is also televised.”

Your students projects were extremely well done in every category. Outstanding. I was so proud to see a little lady of color entered in mathematics and science! That’s some dedication. You are an exceptional person and an excellent teacher. Excellence, that’s what this competition is all about. We thought that you would be excluded because your students didn’t have scientific poster boards the day before the competition. But you came in with them! I wanted you to win. I’m aware that your students only had two weeks… That’s impressive… Please come back and enter next year. I know it’s hard work but come back next year, okay?”

Sending Light and Love,
Jacque Wilson


*As a result of the students hard work it generated over $250,000 in grants for the Technology Department.