“I have had Jacque Wilson read for me several times. Her skill, ability to communicate, and real interest in whatever she is reading about, are impressive. And while there isn’t a reader out there who is 100% accurate, Jacque hits the mark an amazing amount of the time. That is why I am happy to recommend her as a reader. Jacque Wilson has both patience and talent when doing readings, and is someone I would recommend to those who are serious about knowing what’s in the future.”

Janet Berres
Author of Tarot Kit for Beginners
Evanston, Illinois

“Jacque, I have gotten several readings from you over the years. I must say, I was pleased with each one. You are so professional. Your readings were most accurate. I have come to you for both business readings and personal readings. You are going to be a beacon of light to many of us. I wish you well. I will recommend you to anyone. You have my blessings!”

Creola Tabb
Counselor, MA
Chicago, Illinois

“I have had a few astrology, numerology, and tarot consultations before, and you are one of the best out there! You kept things as simple as possible and yet explained things clearly about my path in life. As your Mother, you refused to read for me. Something about you don’t read for family and friends. I know that I stopped by unannounced and insisted on a reading which you finally gave me. As a result, I then switched universities and my major and have never looked back! Thanks to you! Always just speak what you see. Don’t worry about being right. You have a gift. Use it. Speak what you see, and it will be alright. You really helped me, and I know that you will discover that you are here to help others, too!”

Lydia Hardaway
Professional Artist, Nurse, and Educator
Chicago, Illinois

“An amazing, professional, accurate, and confidential consultation. We have some of the same friends and I know that you never breathed a word to them that I was a client. You have my utmost respect, love, and friendship. I am looking forward to you analyzing my name to see if it’s Lucky.”

Dr, Mark Anthony
University Administrator & Entrepreneur

“I broke up with my husband and met a man who was not for me. When you gave me a reading, you were exceedingly kind but truthful. Of course, I continued to see this man until I realized there was no future. Fortunately, you encouraged me to continue my goal of becoming a CPA, which I am today. Also, happily married as predicted. I met him in one of my classes—just like you said.”

Sarah James
Certified Public Accountant
Houston, Texas

“Jacque Wilson, just a quick note to thank you for the great reading. I felt so much better after we spoke. School, home, work, life can sometimes get stressful. I passed the big examination from grad school that I was so concerned about. Just wanted you to know.”

Marie D.

“Jacque Wilson, you are truthful, kind, insightful, caring, kind and considerate–which is priceless!!! Thank you for my many readings and many more in years to come. I can’t wait for you to analyze my name for luck.”

Rev. Pamela Davis
San Francisco, California

“After a consultation with you I am a believer. You listened patiently as I criticized the cards and told you repeatedly that astrology, cards, etc. can’t help anyone. Boy, was I wrong! I want to thank you so much. I am no longer in a rut as the cards talked about…I felt empowered to make changes in my life and left with the tools I needed to start. I would like to schedule another appointment… Thanks again!

Dr. Anthony Miller
Chemical Engineer
Los Angeles, California

“I highly recommend you. You may use my testimony at any time. I had a consultation with you and what we discussed happened so quickly. You were right about the BIG MONEY headed my way. I must confess. I was surprised when it came. I was able to purchase my dream house. Thanks, Jacque Wilson!”

Mrs. Danette Williams
Interior Designer

“Just a call to say thanks a million and to let you know that I recommend you. I got the new girlfriend, the new job with more money, and I am doing some major repairs on my property. Can’t wait to see you again!”

J.T. Rogers
Chicago, Illinois

“Jacque Wilson, I am so pleased. My Reading with you last week was so accurate! You have my permission to use any of the astrology, cards, or numerology chart layouts for any classes or workshops that you have.”

Ruth M

“I have known Jacque Wilson for years. I trust her intuitive insights. If you want clarity about what is going on in your life, she supports you. Jacque, you are such a wonderful person and Reader for me. I have appreciated your patience with me and allowing me to ask as many questions as I needed about that pressing situation in my life. Your warm personality, sense of humor, wisdom, and down-to- earth practical approach has truly helped me to get through that tough time in my life. I highly recommend you to my friends, family, and anyone who needs to create their positive life.”

Lisa Rae
Life Coach
Chicago, Illinois

“I always learn new things about myself from Jacque Wilson. She inspires and encourages me to try those things that she finds in my charts that no one else has told me about. I love music and she encouraged me to sing as a hobby. This has been my secret passion for so long. No one knew. Not even my family. Now I get to sing the lead in my church choir sometimes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

Joseph McKinney
New Thought, Energy Practitioner & Yoga Instructor

“Thanks, Jacque Wilson, for your tailor-made reading for me! You helped me to get my kick-butt breakthrough! Thanks, woman! Much love and respect!”

Willie T. Thomas
New York, NY

“Of course, you’re going to be a good astrologer, you’re all about excellence! Of course, you think that you need all the certifications in everything, and you’ll get them, but you don’t! Your clients are going to grab you up, and pay you well, because you’ll help them!’

Erica Herzy
Astrologer & Lecturer
Chicago, Illinois


“Jacque, that’s just what Marie downtown told me! That was awesome and mind-blowing.”

Esther Ogelsby
Model and Actress
Chicago, Illinois

I highly recommend Jacque Wilson to anyone seeking their path and purpose on this Earth plane. She is authentic.”

Psychic & Healer

*You are AMAZING!

*The best service I ever had.

*Your specific readings for me were excellent.

I’m looking forward to you analyzing my name to see if it’s Lucky!

Mac Reston
Planet ObjectSoft
Chicago, Illinois